My pools water level is too high. How do I drain some out?

Yes, this is a frequent question we get this time of year. It’s summer and those afternoon showers are almost a daily occurrence dropping upwards of 3-4″ of rain in a relatively short time. This combined with an ill pitched yard can cause your pool level to raise and even overflow.  Draining the water is an easy task for  just about anyone to do, but first, let’s go over some important safety guidelines  to follow:        

  1. Only an adult should drain water from a swimming pool
  2. Never leave the premises while your pool is draining
  3. Be sure the discharge water is going to an approved location-not flooding your yard or that of your neighbors and most importantly, not flooding the pump area
  4. Never operate any electrical equipment or switch if you are in standing water


  1. Turn on the  main pool pump if it isn’t on already
  2. Find a  handle that looks like the one on the side of the house where you get water. Generally this will be at the base of the pump
  3. Open this valve  and you will drain the water
  4. Close it when the water level in the pool is at the proper height





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