I think my pool has a leak!!

It’s funny because we can almost predict that this time of year our customers will approach us saying “your adding water every week when you visit and I’m adding it in between…I think my pool has a leak!”

We’ve now entered the dry season here in Florida – and unlike during the summer when you were draining your pool due to the frequent rain, you most likely will need to add water to your pool to maintain it’s proper level.

During this season, it’s not unusual to be losing a 1/4″ of water from your pool a day due to evaporation. This means almost 2″ a week! The biggest factors affecting this are the lower humidity, frequent wind and the air and water temperature.

You can easily find out if your pool has a leak without calling a professional!

To find out if you do have a leak in your swimming pool:  Fill a bucket with water from the pool and set it on one of the steps in the  pool with the top of the bucket above water level. This will keep the water in the bucket the same temperature as the pool.  Now, compare the water loss over several days between the bucket and your pool. Assuming that your bucket doesn’t have a hole, both the pools level and the water in the bucket should have gone down the same amount.  If you see a difference, you might have a leak. But, that’s a topic for another post!!

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