It’s too cold to use our pool, so I think I should cancel my pool service.

Your children are very busy with sports and after school activities, the weather is starting to cool and your pool isn’t being used. Now what do you do? Does this mean it’s time to cancel your weekly pool service with your pool service professional? We feel the short answer is no! Let me explain why.

In other parts of the US where closing a pool for the winter is a necessity do to freezing weather conditions obviously service would be cancelled. But here in Florida we don’t close our pools.  So what should you do during those cooler, non-swimming months where paying for service feels like a waist of money.  I’d like you to consider a few things before you break ties with your pool professional for the “winter” months.

 Algae growth

It’s true that cooler temperatures inhibit algae growth. However, even though algae is less of a problem in the cooler weather, it doesn’t mean it can’t become a problem. Without proper chlorination and the waters PH level being maintained, algae will grow. Once a pool turns it is harder and more costly to return to clear.

Avoiding stains

Water out of balance can cause  more serious problems than potential algae growth. Improperly balanced water can cause staining and permanent damage to your pools surface. Your pools surface will be expensive to replace. Also, keeping leaves and other debris out of the pool can be a time consuming job. Both of these if allowed to stay in contact with your pool surface will cause staining. If you have an automatic pool cleaner it won’t be quite as difficult to get them out of your pool, but many homeowners don’t enjoy spending their leisure time placing and removing the cleaner from the pool.

In addition to handling that task, your pool professional will ensure that the cleaner is working properly and will empty your skimmer baskets and pump baskets as we do every visit…cold water or not!

Repair savings

Every visit in addition to ensuring your water is balanced your pool tech will check your equipment to be sure every thing is working correctly. Very often catching a minor problem can help you avoid a  more costly repair if the minor problem is missed.

Pool readiness

When your pool is  properly maintained it will be ready for the first swimming day of the year. No one wants to wait until the pool water is returned to safe when all they want to do is dive in and have a little fun.

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