Pool Tips

Tips for Keeping Your Pool Healthy

  • Your pools’ surroundings are important. Keep deck clean with a 20 percent chlorine solution then rinse. Also, consider periodic pressure washing.
  • When filling your pool, make sure the water conditioner is off.
  • Suction side automatic vacuums need water flow to work properly. This could be affected by the age or cleanliness of the filter.
  • Keep your pool’s water level about half way up the skimmer port to take debris off the water’s surface. Proper water level will prevent the pump from running dry and possible costly repairs.
  • Valves on the suction side of the pump need to be adjusted properly to effectively vacuum your pool.
  • For swimmer comfort, keep the PH of your pool about 7.5. It’s the PH of the human eye.
  • Clean your filter after vacuuming your pool. Dirt just doesn’t disappear!
  • Old water has a build up of total dissolved solids (TDS) and could leave the water lifeless and dull. Have your water tested.

During Hurricane Season

Please follow these steps to help with the maintenance of your pool in the event of a hurricane or extended power outage:

  • We recommend that each customer has a floating chlorine dispenser that will help distribute chlorine if the power is interrupted for any length of time. A dispenser is available for purchase for $10.00. The week prior to the anticipated arrival of the hurricane, your pool technician will fill your dispenser with enough chlorine sticks to boost the level of chlorine in your pool to get through the storm.
  • Prior to the arrival of the storm, please drop your pool water level 10-12 inches. You can do this by turning the Jandy valve for your skimmer to the off position, then open the faucet on the pump and extend a hose from the pump to drain the water. If you need assistance in this, feel free to call and someone will help you through the process.
  • Please shut off all heaters, both solar and regular, before the hurricane arrives. Warmer water grows algae, especially if the filter is not running.
  • Despite what you may hear, please DO NOT store any patio furniture or pool toys in the pool during the hurricane. This only adds to unsanitary conditions that may lead to water problems and harm the finish of your pool.
  • After the hurricane has passed and it is safe to do so, please remove any debris from your swimming pool. Leaving leaves, branches, and other debris in your pool will encourage algae growth. As soon as possible, return the water level to normal and run the filter as normal.

How to Drain Your Pool

Instructions to come.