Hello Hurricane Season Part 2: After the Storm

So Now what….We sincerely hope that there has been no storms but in the event there has, here is what the Florida Pool Association suggests: 


How should I remove debris from the pool?

Use a “pool rake” or other nets / skimming devices such as hose powered leaf baggers to remove small debris. Do not use your regular pool vacuum equipment and your pool pumps as they are likely to clog the plumbing. Watch out that you do not damage pool walls or bottom when removing any large objects.

What about the electrical equipment?

Be sure that everything is dry before dealing with electrical start-up. Check your circuit breakers to be sure they are off before attempting to reconnect electrical equipment such as pump motors. Inspect the wiring (especially ground wires) for proper connections. Be sure that you are following manufacturers’ instructions when reactivating equipment. If electric motors have been exposed to water, they should be checked by a competent professional.

Should I add chemicals again after the storm?

The experts say it will probably be necessary to “shock” (super chlorinate) the pool water again. The heavy fresh water accumulation from rainfall may need to be counteracted. Test your pool first.

What about monitoring the system?

It is advisable to closely monitor the operating systems through their complete cycles. Be sure clocks, timers, etc. have been properly reset. Balance the water chemistry and continue to check it carefully. If the pool appears to be leaking, you may have clogged a hydrostatic relief valve. Have a professional check it.

What about draining the pool after the storm?

Just as before the storm, if the water table is high, damage may occur. If you must drain your pool to clean it, be sure to seek professional advice.

Talk to a pool professional.

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