How to save money by using stabilizer in your salt generated pool

If you have a “salt pool” you have a machine capable of generating, depending upon the size of your unit, between 1-3 pounds of chlorine a day. So, when you need  to increase the level of chlorine in your pool all you need to do is push the button or crank the knob, right?


Those salt cells have a life cycle rated at 50% output over 4-5 years. By keeping  the proper amount of stabilizer in your
pool water you should be able to turn that machine down to somewhere between 20 to 50 percent during the summer and 10 percent during the winter. This will add significant time to the salt cells’ life and save you money.

The proper  level of stabilizer in your pool water is between 40-70 ppm. Your pool care professional should know this and this should be include in your monthly service fee.

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